About the project

The intro songs went very smoothly during our markup process. The lyrics and song notes were found on Genius which made finding all the songs an easy process. We determined a logical way to mark up the songs and built a schema. Some of the pieces of the songs that we wanted to explore were how often the film’s title appears in the song, what point of view the songs reference, and the general structure of the songs themselves.

A lot of the problems that we ran into were related to the screenplays. The way that a screenplay is formatted is very particular and the notation has slowly changed throughout the years. This gave us some problems with finding consistent ways to mark them up. Irregular spacing and formatting was the biggest factor in slowly down our progress. The screenplays ended up being mostly done by hand or some very tedious regEx.

Meet our team

Zak Teyssier

Zak is a senior at Penn State Behrend. During his final semesters, Zak plans to compose music for short films, and improve his editing skills.

Danny Pakulski

Danny is a senior at Penn State Behrend. In his last year of majoring in the DIGIT program, Danny is continuing to grow his career as a filmmaker and his production company Oddity Productions.

Chase Trohoske

Chase is a student at Penn State Behrend. He is in his last year and is majoring in the DIGIT program.